I thought nursing homes were all the same.  But the minute I walked onto your Main Street, I knew it was a different world where people really cared.


You made my 100th birthday more special than it already was. Thank you and your wonderful family for making this surprise luncheon my favorite birthday party.


I’m convinced that you gave my mother a quality of life she couldn’t have received anywhere else.  We are forever grateful to you, more than you could imagine.


Seldom do you find the warmth and affection found in the Hillandale Family.  This is now my home, and it’s made all the difference in my life.


Dad felt like he was living in a palace when he came to stay at Chesterwood’s assisted living. He made great friends, and enjoyed every moment.


We searched long and hard to find the right place for Mom. We looked all over, but your professionalism and personal attention to detail is unmatched.


The staff at Doverwood actually gave my mom her dignity back, and gifts like that are nothing short of amazing.  Thank you.  Thank you. Thank you.


Cheerful surroundings in a clean and colorful environment.  That’s on top of your excellent care and compassion for everyone in our family.


Making people feel loved is what you do best.  Everyone in our family is blessed to be a part of such a loving experience.


You always took the time to talk to my parents, and listen to their stories.


You are family, and it shows.  Your smiles.  Your patience.  Your caring.  We will always remember our experience here.


The highest uncompromised standards in the healthcare business are right here in the Hillandale Family of Communities.


My friends call it a miracle.  After three months of therapy at Doverwood Village, I am starting to walk on my own.


Even the receptionist treated us just like family. The work you do truly does make a difference in your residents’ lives.


JimE’s Café does have the best burgers on Main Street. And everyone from the cook to the waitress made us feel important.


I have never been treated so well after my knee surgery.  Your therapist became a good friend, and treated me just like family.


Our group meets every month in O’Smyley’s Pub, and your hospitality and courteous welcome is very much appreciated.


My father never stops talking about the breathtaking view at Doverwood Village. When we visit him, he takes us to the overlook at Java Jim’s.


Your Main Street memorial tribute to the families who lost loved ones in the September 11 tragedy was a moving testimony of how much you care.


Our grandkids loved the circus on Main Street. The face-painting and the clowns and the jugglers made the entire family alive.


You hand-delivered our meals in the snow when it was too cold for us to get out.  Acts of kindness like that show you care like family.