ICE All Year Long: Setting Up Emergency Contacts in Your Phone

January 16, 2015

At our Hillandale Communities, the safety of our residents is our top priority. We are constantly striving to find more and better ways to protect those who call our communities home.

One of the simplest things you can do to keep yourself and your loved ones safe is to ICE your cell phone. ICE stands for “In Case of Emergency” and can be listed in your cell phone contact list to help emergency personnel get word to your family, friends and caregivers right away if an emergency situation arises.

This simple task is especially helpful for seniors and elderly people who may be living alone or may be more at risk for accidents. Responders like EMTs, police officers and even neighbors can quickly contact family or caregivers to inform them about the situation, collect important medical information and/or assist with the best care possible for your loved one.

To take advantage of this important safety tip, follow the steps below.

1.         Under the letter “I” in the phone’s contact list, enter each contact with the letters “ICE” before the name. For example, ICE-Mary.

2.         Include as much information for the contact as possible including home, work and cell phone numbers.

3.         Ask the contact’s permission to be included as an ICE contact. This contact should be aware of the person’s medical conditions, medications, doctors’ names, and any other important information.

4.         Place a sticker or label on the cell phone that reads “ICE” or “ICE Loaded” to alert responders that emergency contact information is readily available on the phone.

For more safety tips for seniors or to visit one of our three communities inButler County,Ohio, please call 513-777-1400. We look forward to meeting you!



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