Move Over Resolutions, Hello Bucket List!

December 19, 2014

Now that we are nearing the end of the year, many of us at Hillandale Communities begin thinking about New Year’s resolutions. But with resolutions often comes the pressure of keeping them or never even getting started – any of which can make us feel worse than when we started. Enter the Bucket List. This refers to a list of things you want to do in your lifetime and might not otherwise consider such as learning to play the piano, visiting a faraway location or riding in a hot air balloon.

It doesn’t matter what season of life you are in today -- if you enjoy independent living, are a member of a retirement community or belong to an assisted living community – everyone can create their own Bucket List today. Here’s how:

Write it down.
We’ve all heard that writing down our goals and aspirations makes us more likely to reach them. Use what works for you (a journal, a notebook, your computer) but make sure you put your wishes and goals in writing. It will make your ideas real and help keep them top of mind.

Brainstorm with no limits!
When you decide to start a Bucket List, don’t limit yourself. Write down any dreams, wishes or plans you may have. The list items can be small (“Write a letter to a friend once a month”) or big (“Visit the Grand Canyon”) but they should all be things specific to you and your interests. There are no time limits.

Refine your list and continue to add to it.
After making your initial list, read over it again. Maybe some of the items aren’t the most realistic for this time or season of your life. Ensure that the items left on your list are actually doable. And don’t forget it is a work in progress!

Start small.
Accomplishing one item from your Bucket List will motivate you and help you see that these wishes are possible. Choose something small to start and you’ll feel better about the possibility of accomplishing larger goals later.

Learn about yourself.
The purpose of a Bucket List is self-improvement, fulfillment and overall personal development. Each time you complete an item from your list, take time to think about how you grew from the experience.

At Hillandale Communities, our stated mission has never changed, and is best expressed in the words of our founders:  “Each person is a unique individual, with values and a life story.” Begin writing the next chapter of your story today by starting on your own Bucket List!

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