A Breath of Fresh Air -- Just What the Doctor Ordered!

November 24, 2014

As the seasons change here inCincinnati, we all scurry to enjoy the fall sunshine before the snowy clouds roll in. But even the cool temperatures feel good some days. And there’s something to that: researchers say that being outside is good for your health. From lowering your stress level to speeding up healing time and reducing your need for medicines, getting back into nature could be just what the doctor ordered.

If you need a little prompting, check out these reasons to step outside today!

Increase your Vitamin D levels.

At Doverwood Village, we encourage our patients and families to enjoy the beautiful grounds. Our retirement community and elderly care facilities were built with plenty of beautiful windows and light, but nothing beats going outdoors and getting some sunshine. Sunshine on the skin helps your body create Vitamin D, which can help combat diseases like osteoporosis, depression and even reduce the chance of heart attacks. You don’t want to get too much sun, but limited exposure can give your body a boost.

Get your daily exercise.

Going outdoors means you’re up and moving! Television, computers and indoor activities are ok in moderation, but we all need to move regularly. A walk outside can help you breathe easier, increase your heart rate and warm up your muscles. Physical therapy and rehabilitation patients can even benefit from approved outdoor time to increase their healing.

Smile and feel happier!
Sunshine often makes people feel happier and in a better mood than staying indoors or in dim places. A walk through the park or just down the street can help you relax. Residents in both our assisted living and independent living facilities benefit greatly from making time to get outdoors each day. A happy mood can change your perspective for the better and give you the energy you need for this season of life.

By getting outdoors regularly, you’ll reap these benefits and more.


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