Lifelong Learning: Going Back to School at Any Age

November 12, 2014

Keeping active as we age is not limited to our physical strength. Keeping our minds sharp and active can benefit our overall health, too. At retirement communities like Doverwood Village, our residents are encouraged to be life-long learners. Setting foot in the classroom again may just be the prescription you need for this stage of life.

Curious about whether this might be just the thing you need? Wondering how you could make it happen? Check out the tips below and remember: you’re never too old to learn!

Take advantage of free or low-cost options for seniors.

Many local colleges and universities have free classes for seniors. Guidelines are different for each location, but are worth researching. Some programs allow you to sit in on classes without having to buy books or pay fees and often you can participate as much or as little as you like. Instructors often appreciate the contributions of older students as they bring a different, experienced perspective to the group.

Consider online courses at your convenience.

If you live in an assisted living center or have commitments like physical therapy or rehabilitation that limit your ability to attend class in person, online courses may be right for you. The access to classes without the pressure of attending in person can be huge convenience.

Try it simply for the love of learning.

Some colleges have entire programs specifically for seniors. Many courses require no papers or exams and exist simply for those who have a love of learning. One such program is called the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and is available at more than 100 colleges across theUS. Here inCincinnati, more than 1,700 seniors a year participate.

Consider heading back to school. You’ll have the added benefit of honing your cognitive abilities and keeping your memory sharp. Have a favorite hobby or special interest that you’ve never been able to give your full attention to? Now’s your chance!



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