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July 16, 2014

A wise man once told me it’s important to have a hobby as you age. In his younger years, this man loved to fish and hunt but gave up both to spend more time with his wife. When he retired, gardening became his passion but he soon found keeping up with his two-acre yard too physically demanding. But without a hobby, the man just became more and more lethargic.

That’s when he started fishing again and this time around, he really put all of his energy and time into it, reading up on this new/old hobby, meeting new friends while doing it, and trying new techniques and equipment to get better at it.

Hobbies can benefit you physically, mentally and socially. They keep you active, and can add a little extra purpose to your day.  Here are 3 tips to help you find that special activity and add little more meaning to your everyday life.

Make Sure It Is Fulfilling

Whether it's painting, exercise, or taking up a craft, developing a hobby helps to fill the void left by your career. Often times you can achieve the same feelings of accomplishment and purpose you received from your job.

Is It Mentally Challenging?

Be sure to choose a hobby that is mentally stimulating. Dr. Deinse Park of Texas University in Dallas says " It seems it’s not enough just to get out and do something—it’s important to get out and do something unfamiliar and mentally challenging that provides broad stimulation mentally and socially." Struggling to find something mentally engaging? Try ping-pong. Becoming skilled at ping-pong will enhance your motor, strategy and long-term memory functions with its lightning-fast decisions and actions.

Connects You

Maybe it's as simple as mentioning your hobby in conversation, or by giving the byproducts of your hobby away as gifts. Having a hobby will bring you closer to other people.

Energizes You

Having a hobby and enjoying something that you love to do is one of the best ways to calm your nerves, and take the edge off of a rough day. No matter how much time you have to devote to it, your will never regret having a hobby!

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By Terri L. Jones

Source: Seniors Guide Magazine and


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