Tips for Maximizing Your Travel Experience

May 20, 2014

Many things have changed since you were 25 and the rules for safe travel are no exception. Just because the rules are little different, however, is no reason to stay in this Summer. Here are a few tips that might help you save some time, money and maybe even a little anxiety as you travel. 

The Stuff You’ve Probably Already Figured Out

If you’ve ever spent one night in a lousy hotel bed you know you can (and probably will) pay for it for days. The same idea applies to planning your flight connections – if you have too many connections or the connecting flights are too tight – you’ll pay for it.

"Shoulder seasons” save you bucks.

Now that the kids are gone, you’re not locked into vacations only in the summer or around holidays. You have the flexibility to book your trip in the “shoulder seasons” (between peak and off-peak) when the prices are best.

To save more money, ask for senior discounts anywhere you go, you never know when it might pan out for you (even when they’re not posted).

Pick your accommodations strategically.

Choosing a hotel that’s near the train station is convenient at the start and end of your trip; however, staying right in the heart of the city means you’ll only be a short walk (or cab ride) away from the attractions each day. It also gives you an escape route for a nap, change of shoes or just some alone time.

Getting Your Accommodations Strategically

Think you need a car to get from point A to B? Think again. Plan ahead and find out if there is adequate public transportation, like buses, trolleys or cabs. Also, so countries have upper age restrictions on rentals, so when you reserve, be sure to mention your age.

Insure to Ensure a Good Trip

It’s just as easy to injure yourself abroad as it is right in your backyard. The difference is that Medicare is typically only valid inside the U.S. That is why we recommend getting travel insurance and be sure it includes an evacuation benefit to get your to the proper medical facility. Travel insurance will also cover any costs you’ve incurred should sickness or other hardships cause you to cancel.

Make It Meaningful

Consider going on an educational tour such as those run by Road Scholar (formerly Elderhostel). Lasting one to four weeks, you can learn Latin dancing, meet members of Congress, visit the Sistine Chapel with an art historian, watch sea turtles lay their eggs, and more

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