Utilizing Handheld Devices to Improve Your Life

April 17, 2014

So you’ve finally managed to master your desktop PC – you can send out emails, make fancy spreadsheets and you can even keep up on Facebook with the best of them. Those may be great accomplishments, but in a world where more and more people over the age of 65 are still working, you can’t stay ahead in business being chained to a desktop. This could be a great time to start using handheld devices to help ensure many more years of productive work.


Tablets are a wonderful option for seniors; they are lightweight and offer thousands of apps, so you can pick ones that best suit your work style. You can keep documents on your tablet for easy access, and create notes so you can recall that great idea, and set reminders with alarms so you don’t miss the important things in your life. Do you have trouble using the touchscreen? No problem, there’s an app for that! There is an app available that creates large, easy to press buttons. Another option is to get something like Dragon Mobile Assistant, which will let you control your tablet with your voice.

Another way to leverage tablet technology is to set it up to receive payments from your customers. The days of bulky, expensive POS systems are long gone. You can process credit card payments via a small attachable card reader. Intuit offers one such reader that you can try without any commitment. Maybe you don’t take credit cards because of the fees associated with purchases and difficulty. No problem, new tablet-based systems walk you through every step and make it easy for you to accept cards as a form of payment.  


If you like the idea of tablets, and find smartphones too small to read or manage, look into purchasing a phablet. They are also generally smaller and easier to manage than a tablet device. Phablets utilize the same apps as tablets, but can also receive and send phone calls via earphones that you plug into the device.


If you like the idea of the tablet, but want to start a little more simpler, you should consider the eReader. The main function of these devices is to read ebooks, however many of these also let you browse the internet and watch videos too. The Amazon Kindle and the Barnes and Noble Nook are two of the most popular eReader models. Use your eReader to download ebooks on many topics from business to finance, marketing or any type of work that you do. Also, if you’re looking to kill some time, brain games and crossword puzzles are available to pass the time and keep your brain sharp.

Sources: By Dominic Brown, for SeniorsGuideOnline.com

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