Can You & Your Kids, Grandkids be Friends on Facebook?

April 1, 2014

With all of the latest technological advances in communication, staying in touch with your young kids and grandkids via Facebook seems like a good idea. However, they may see that as crossing the line a little. Here are a few tips and guidelines to avoid irritating the kids you want to stay close to.

1. Don’t EVER “Tag” Them

That picture of you and your granddaughter might be really cute, but it will completely embarrass them when all of their Facebook friends see it too. That tag will be removed, and you may find yourself “un-friended.”

2. Keep “Likes” and Comments to a Minimum

Liking and commenting on everything is a great way to make your kids or grandkids feel stalked. An occasional like or comment is fine – but you’ll have to resist commenting on every picture or post!

3. Posting On Their Wall is a No-No

This is like kissing your kids at the bus stop – you just don’t do it. If you’re proud of their achievements or excited about their latest trip send them a private message.

4. Do Not Friend All of Your Kids’ or Grandkids’ Friends

This one is pretty simple, if it’s a friend or family member – someone you have an actual relationship with – then go ahead and “friend” away. If it’s your granddaughters friend from softball that you met once 3 years ago however, you might want to consider not friending them. Besides, you don’t need to know the intricate details of their latest teenage drama.


Social media is a great way to stay in touch with your family. When you respect the boundaries of your loved ones and use it properly it can be a convenient way to stay connected to their everyday lives.

Sources: By Terri L. Jones, for

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