Make your golden years shine by staying active

November 15, 2013

At Hillandale Communities, we care about both the short and long-term care of our residents, families and future residents.  At each of our facilities - Birchwood Care Center, Chesterwood Village, and Doverwood Village - our residents maintain healthy and active lifestyles so their golden years are, in fact, happy and golden!

The Hillandale Family of Communities specializes in independent living, assisted living, long-term healthcare, and also state-of-the-art rehab. When unforeseen events arise, we are here to help. Our three facilities are consistently rated among the top healthcare and retirement communities inButler County,Ohio.  Our rehab, therapy and wellness "as you’ve never seen it before" features advanced equipment, skilled therapists and genuine hospitality.

Hillandale Communities consistently dedicates efforts in individualized care plans for orthopedic, stroke and general rehabilitative therapies. Our wellness and fitness programs are fun, motivational, and efficient. Whether short or long-term, our highly qualified staff helps retrain the body and mind to maximize recovery after an injury or illness.

Leading a healthy and active lifestyle has numerous benefits. Overall, leading an active lifestyle can combat health conditions and diseases.

According to the Mayo Clinic, staying active is a great way to feel better.  The 7 benefits of regular physical activity are:

  1. Exercise controls weight
  2. Exercise combats diseases
  3. Exercise improves mood
  4. Exercise boosts energy
  5. Exercise promotes better sleep
  6. Exercise puts the spark back into leading an active and fun life
  7. Exercise can be fun

Please also review a great informational article by Nikki Longo, about the importance of physical activity.

Make Your Golden Years Shine by Staying Active by Nikki Longo

As adults advance in years, many will find that they are less active overall than they were in their younger days. Activity level among seniors varies considerably, and some may wonder if they are getting enough exercise over the course of a day or week.

The fact is that staying active and getting enough exercise is one of the best steps that you can take to promote longevity and health.

Taking a closer look at your own activity level and making changes if necessary can help you enjoy good health and an independent lifestyle for many years to come.

The Benefits of Exercise for Seniors

Whether a senior lives alone at home, in an independent living facility or in another setting, it is imperative for seniors to stay as active as possible. Seniors will enjoy a number of mental and physical health benefits by getting some amount of exercise on a daily basis. Even a moderate amount of light cardio activity that elevates the heart rate slightly can help you to maintain a healthy body weight. Keeping your weight under control can decrease the likelihood of developing heart disease, cancer, diabetes and more.

Staying active can also help senior citizens to maintain their coordination and sense of balance, which decreases their likelihood of mishaps related to falls and other events. In addition, exercise is known to alter and improve your mood, and it can help ward off depression, dementia and other conditions.

A Walk Can Be Better Than a Jog

Even as you consider the health benefits of adequate exercise on a regular basis, don’t forget that the amount and type of exercise that you may have benefited from in your younger adult years is not necessarily the ideal option in your golden years.

As a senior, focus your efforts on finding types of exercises that are enjoyable but not overly rigorous. For example, walking at a brisk pace through your neighborhood rather than jogging may be a better option because it is easier on your joints, elevates your heart rate and keeps your muscles toned. Other activities like swimming, water aerobics and even senior yoga classes may be ideal as well.

The key to getting adequate exercise in your senior years is to find one or more activities that you find enjoyable. Many seniors also enjoy exercising with friends.

Enjoying The Results

Seniors today take many steps to stay healthy and safe in their homes. By getting adequate exercise on a regular basis, seniors may be able to maintain good health or even improve their condition overall. In addition, exercise can also improve cognitive abilities and focus, and this can also help seniors to maintain their ability to live independently for a longer period of time.

If you aren’t getting enough exercise, there’s no better time than right now to make a change and to become more active. Exercise can benefit seniors in a number of ways, and being more active may be as easy as putting on your walking shoes and heading out for a stroll around the block.

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*Source:    Nikki Longo is a Freelance Writer and Safety & Security Expert


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