Remain Active and Healthy with Pet Therapy

April 26, 2013

Did you know that a great way to remain active and healthy is to explore pet therapy?  Whether you want a cat, dog, bird, fish or bunny, research has shown pets to be very therapeutic.  Some of our residents at our communities currently have pets feel happy with their company.

At Hillandale Family of Communities, we also provide therapy pets that will visit our communities from time-to-time.  We find pets to be a great and loyal companion.  Pets give everyone a sense of purpose and responsibility.  Pets have been known to decrease the instances of depression and studies indicate, individuals that live with pets tend to live a longer and happier life. 

It is important to understand that pets can be a huge responsibility.  Before deciding which pet is right for you, make sure you do plenty of research and talk to a veterinarian about the needs and yearly costs of pets.   People of all ages with all different types of pets have experienced the many health benefits associated with pet ownership.

Pets depend on you everyday to take care of them; which in turn gives you a sense of purpose and a feeling of being needed or wanted. 

Check back soon for more tips and suggestions to remain active and healthy from your friends at Hillandale Family of Communities!





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